Tayto Snacks
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At Tayto Snacks, people are the essence of our organisation. We champion a culture of growing our people to manage and lead the business. Tayto Snacks's core values focus on Thinking Responsibly, Acting Entrepreneurially, and Growing Together. Everyone is given the opportunity to contribute to the success of the business. We care about the quality and safety of our food products, the environmental impact of our operations, the social implication of our supply chain, our investment in local communities and our employees’ welfare.

Tayto Snacks is Ireland’s leading manufacturer and distributor of premium snacks including crisps, snacks, peanuts, and popcorn. On any given day Largo Foods produce 2 million snack products which are sold throughout Ireland, the UK, Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

Tayto Snacks operates a powerhouse of iconic Irish brands including Tayto, Hunky Dory, King, KP, and Perri. The portfolio comprises of 39 household brands where Tayto Snacks has a majority share of the crisps and snacks market. Quality is paramount to the organisation and Tayto Snacks has an excellent track record in producing Ireland’s best quality snacks. As a business, we make every effort to serve our customers with products of the best quality and great taste.

At Tayto Snacks we are passionate about enriching people’s lives with the very best savoury snacks. This we achieve not only through our unique blend of international expertise and local knowledge but also through our innovative approach, outstanding quality and by striving for excellence in all areas.

Tayto Snacks has been part of the Intersnack Group since 2007.