Tayto Snacks
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Our Factory

The Tayto Snacks production facility is in Ashbourne, Co. Meath. Spanning 80,000 square feet, our factory houses potato fryers, extruders, pellet expansion, popcorn machines and warehousing capability.

Tayto Snacks passionately supports an Energy Management & Sustainability programme. In 2011 we attained the ISO50001 certification, making us the first crisp and snack manufacturer in the world to achieve the new standard.

In January 2019 we passed the ISO45001 audit,  one of the first businesses to adopt and  achieve this new Global standard.


Manufacturing Operations

Our Factory operates 24 hours per day producing more than 10 million bags in a 5 day week. The main product is potato crisps. Through the potato season we use different varieties of potato such as Lady Rosetta, Lady Jo, Sassy and Lady Claire. Most of our farmers are second and third generation suppliers. They are within 20 miles of the factory and deliver to us daily.


Once the potatoes enter our factory they are washed, peeled and thinly sliced. They are then cooked in pure hi-oleic Sunflower oil and flavoured with our unique flavours. We closely guard our recipes which go back more than 50 years! After flavouring the crisps are weighed into foil bags specially designed to maintain their freshness.


Individual bags are automatically packed into a case or fed into another packing machine to make a multi-pack. The machines operate automatically at very high speeds – each computer makes more than 600 calculations to pack the exact weight at 200 bags a minute. The finished case is picked up by a robot and placed on a pallet which is then ready to ship to retailers.


In addition to potato crisps we also produce extruded snacks. These are cooked and formed from natural grains such as corn and rice and are flavoured and packed in much the same way as our potato crisps.


At the heart of all our processes is ensuring that we make superior quality products. All our incoming materials are carefully checked to ensure they meet our exact specification. At each stage of the process we have automatic and visual checking of all aspects of the production. We automatically screen all incoming potatoes by colour and we do this again after cooking. We also taste the finished product every hour to make sure it lives up to our customers’ expectations. We have an exceptional track record and are committed to the highest quality standard of snacks in Ireland, continuously striving to improve product quality and service to our customers.


The Tayto Factory Tour is open to patrons of Tayto Park who can view the factory floor from an overhead walkway, giving them a birds-eye view of the manufacturing processes.