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 Mr. Tayto's Spud Buds

Mr. Tayto's Spud Buds

Mr. Tayto's Spud Buds


Say hello to Mr. Tayto’s new #SpudBuds – Siobhan, Ellen and Anna! Tayto ran a competition during November 2016 offering consumers their chance to feature on the iconic Tayto Cheese and Onion pack. The winning Spuds wrote a poem which Mr.Tayto simply could not ignore! They were treated to a pampering weekend in Dublin which included hair and make-up courtesy of ‘Brown Sugar’ to get them camera-ready for their photoshoot! Look out for Siobhan, Ellen and Anna on packs of Tayto Cheese and Onion, and check out their winning entry below, which is also featured on the back of packs!


Spud Buds By Siobhan, Ellen and Anna


‘Twas 3 years past in college,

When we all met,

We’ve been friends ever since,


So Mr. Tayto don't you fret!


We are one country girl,

And two lovely Dubs,

Who Tayto sends in a whirl,

With his tasty Irish Spuds!


We are outgoing people,

There’s not one place we won’t go,

Never high is a steeple,

Sure aren’t we cairde go deo!


We’ve spent nights gallivanting,

We laugh like old hags,

Yet there’s one thing we’re wanting,

To be on the Tayto Crisp Bags



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