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 Win! Enjoy the Rugby with Hunky Dorys

Win! Enjoy the Rugby with Hunky Dorys

Win! Enjoy the rugby with Hunky Dorys

After Ireland’s brilliant victory against Italy, we’re hopeful here at Largo Foods that Joe Schmidt can lead our team to victory!

Our Hunky Dorys brand is getting behind the games for the months of February and March offering Irish consumers their chance to win Hunky Dorys rugby kits, Hunky Dorys rugby balls and Hunky Dorys crisps. Weekly competitions are being run across our Facebook page whereby we offer consumers their chance to win these fantastic prizes! Be sure to visit our Facebook page @Hunkydorys to enter. Also keep an eye out for our in-store displays as pictured below.

There really is no better way to enjoy the rugby than with a truly satisfying crinkle-cut crisp!


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